ask yourself this

So a friend sent me an Instagram post the other day with this quote by Steven Pressfield:

“The more scared we are of a work or calling the more sure we can be that we have to do it.”

Let that settle for a second. 

We’re often told that we should pursue what we’re passionate about. That we should ask ourselves what we love and then do that. But what if the question we should ask ourselves isn’t what do we love and feel comfortable doing, but what makes us scared?
Not scared-of-the-dark scared, but the kind of scared that makes our eyes widen in wonder, our hearts race with adrenaline, and our mind whirl as it tries to wrap itself around the bigness of what is in front of us. Maybe that thing comes with thoughts like:  I don’t have what it takes, I can’t do this, who am I to think that this can be done?

What I have tucked deep in my heart for those times of breathless almost-panic-I-can’t-do-this are the words He who calls me is faithful, He will surely do it*. 
If we’re listening to the right Voice, and trusting that it’s a good, good Voice to follow then we need to trust that we’ve got everything we need to keep walking, keep standing, keep loving – and keep doing whatever that big scary call on our lives is to do.
Because I don’t think we’re created for comfort. I think we’re created to leap outside of boxes, to think above what we can see, and to discover what it is we’re really made of – and that’s not going to happen in the comfort of certainty.  

I know from experience that what you need doesn’t feel like it’s there until you’re right there bang in the moment, desperate.
I know that it’s not until you fall on your knees in need of strength for the day ahead that miraculously, you get through not only that day but the next as well.
I know it’s not until you step out onto that platform that He breathes the right words for you to speak. 
I know it’s not until the world seems so overwhelmingly loud that you hear His gentle whisper.

That thing that you’re called to do? That child that you’re called to raise? That business that you’re called to run? That church that you’re called to lead? It might not be comfortable, but outside of comfort is where the real miracle happens.
The grace shows itself in the grit, and He will surely do it. 
Reminding myself today.



* 1 Thessalonians 5:24

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