Note to self: put phone down

Hey you. 
Just because you didn’t post it online doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. 
I know you are watching the sunset, but you can’t see it quite as well when it’s through the lens of your camera.
Just use your eyes, and your heart. 

Because there are moments when God speaks, and you won’t hear Him if you’re rushing, trying to capture everything, trying to post it all online, trying to shout through the white noise, trying to be heard. 
Because you’re heard already, fully known, fully loved. 
And it’s amazing what happens when you stop scrolling for a moment. 
You finish whole chapters of books, without distraction. 
You notice little things, like the wind blowing in the branches of the magnolia tree outside, and see the way the sunlight has illuminated it’s leaves so you can see it’s veins. Or you notice people. Their facial expressions, their body language – that the person opposite you on the train looks a bit sad. You begin to breathe.

When you’re rushing and scrolling, you’re so engrossed in the fake-lives of others, that you miss your own real, beautiful, messy, raw life. 

You miss the tiny details of his freckles and almost-12-year-old grin when he beats you at a card game, fully present, fully alive.
You miss the details of her stories, the inflection in her voice, the way she doesn’t quite say the words properly yet. 
You miss sitting in comfortable silence, without the intrusion of over-stimulation.
You miss the creative ideas that form when your mind is free from constant bombardment. 

Hey you
Putting your phone down for a little while and saying no to it’s endless opportunities to shop, to stalk, to scroll – means you’re living.
Not sharing that photo or that moment or that date night can make it all the more sacred. Hold those daily moments tightly to yourself, savour them, and refuse to share them with a fickle audience who only seem to appreciate the extravagant, the unreal, the unattainable. Sometimes an audience of one is all that is required. 

Note to self: if you’re starting to waste time scrolling, put it down. Just for an hour, or a day.
Then go and live. Pick up your camera, or put on your running shoes, bake something, invite a friend for a coffee, read a whole chapter of a book without distraction, or work hard at that thing you’ve been putting off. 

Hey you, there is so much living to be done, don’t waste it. 






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