that one man


It’s the gospel, the good news, the new life we celebrate and the one that’s shrugged off like a dirty old coat. 
It’s because of this that we can live simply in the here, and now. 
Regardless of what craziness is going on around us, whether we’re embracing slow or embracing tiredness or mess or grief or confusion – we have a choice in every moment to surrender to what is happening around us, or turn our eyes inward, to the One who sees our turmoil and offers to replace it with peace. 

That one, the man Jesus. The one who walked dusty roads with determination. The one who was countercultural; befriending women, eating with cheats and liars, hanging out with prostitutes and angrily calling out religious hypocrisy. That one.
He carried peace and gave it to anyone who came to Him looking for a God-encounter. 
He promised that when we drew close He wouldn’t back off, He wouldn’t shame, He wouldn’t cringe. He’d embrace, He’d love without condition and He’d hold our eyes without looking away, regardless of what He saw in their depths. 

And because He came to bring us everything that the world can’t offer, we can walk full. 
He came to give us everything in abundance, more than we expect – life in it’s fullness until we overflow* 
We can love with wild abandon, fling open wide the doors of our lives, be anxious for nothing and fasten our thoughts to all that is true and good and hope-filled in our lives. 

Because He chose the cross, and because we choose Him. 

God, my God. I am so thankful for the abundant life that Jesus purchased for me at the cross. That the gap was bridged, that humanity was reached, that I was saved. Help me to embrace all that You have for me – to live boldly, gently, wildly with You as my captain, and my heart firmly anchored in Your Word. I thank you for replacing my fear with your love, my worry with your peace, my smallness with the giant ferocity of your never-giving-up love. Amen


*John 10:10 TPT

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