heart and soul in the here and now

There was a job advertised that I wanted. 
It was perfect. 
And everything in me knew that if I applied for it, I would have a really great chance of it being mine. 
In the space of 30 seconds I’d dreamed of what it would feel like to call myself a ‘content editor’ or an editor at all really, and these thoughts contained all the elation and all the excitement and then all of it was sucked out again as reality fell hard and fast. 
The reality is that I’m still a semester and a half from getting my degree. 
I don’t have a spare 20-30 hours a week or a free finger to spin another plate. 

I study full time.
I walk my girls to school every morning, and I drive every afternoon to pick up my high-schooler. Those three little people take up time, and space and emotional energy as I love them into growing up. I have a coffee every afternoon when the hardest worker of us all arrives home, exhausted, and we tea together in the evening, on our bed with books and Bibles or Netflix or nothing but each other. 
All five of us sit around our kitchen island bench every evening without fail and we eat together a meal that I’ve either poured love and creativity into, or hurriedly thrown into the oven and apologetically plated after. 
I nest our house into a home. My people wear clean clothes, and take full lunchboxes to school daily. 
I’m also sold-out-invested-head-over-heels involved in my local church. I volunteer time and energy and effort and brain capacity into working and serving and creating alongside people I call family. 
See? I don’t have a spare 20-30 hours a week to land a job I would love to spend the rest of my life doing and when I realised that, for that moment, the reality crushed me and I resented my season.

But then, in a burst of glory I remembered past seasons I had wanted to hurry through. 
Ones that I think of now with strange nostalgia, and a deep need to slow the clock and number may days. Number them; not to worry about when they’ll end, but to slowly and intentionally appreciate each one. 

Because right now, summer is fading. The mornings are crisp and cool, and the sun seems dimmer in the day, and I know even the crunchy autumn leaves that adorn the trees in gold will fall and leave the branches bare soon. Seasons come and go and in every single one there is so much beauty to behold. The natural seasons remind me that the ones in my life are not endless. 

So I guess what I am reminding myself of is that whatever I’m doing, I’ll put my heart and soul into, in that moment. Until the season shifts.


2 thoughts on “heart and soul in the here and now”

  1. Man! The exact same thing happened to me this last month. My absolute dream job. Library assistant, full time, good pay, at the school I went to and where I want to send my kids in high school. Discount fee for kids of staff, I know half the teachers there already. I missed he cut of for applications but applied anyway. Spent the whole weekend dreaming about what might be. Frosty could quit his job and focus on his studies and be the stay at home dad he always dreamed of being, I would have to leave Florrie, which would be hard, but I would do it for the greater good for our family. I’d have every school holidays off with pay. I could go on and on.Got a call on the Monday to say that they couldn’t accept my application as they had already progressed too far in the process and it wouldn’t be fair on the other applicants. I have never been so sad about a job in my life.I know it probably wasn’t the idea time. Florrie still needs me so much, but I wanted it so bad.I console myself that I really do believe Gods timing is perfect. Something else will come up, when I’m fully ready. It will for you too friend! You have so much talent and potential, I know you are going to just have your pick of jobs when you are ready and your degree is finished 💗


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