The March Booklist

Can you read in the car?
When I hear from people who tell me that reading in the car makes them carsick I feel incredibly grateful that this is not something I experience.
Since I was a little girl, reading in the car was one of my favourite things to do.
Our family car was a restored turquoise blue Holden HR, with column shift and vinyl bench seats.

During long trips south I remember spending hours in the car reading.
Whether it was during summer, with the windows wound down and the wind in my hair, or in winter when dad would lean forward and de-fog the front windscreen with the back of his hand, my legs would be curled up on the seat and I’d read as I leaned against the door.

When we went down south recently, I took my Kindle, with Outlander #6.
I read cosied up in camping chairs, curled up on our air mattress in a sleeping bag, and on the big long drive, interspersed with chatting and dreaming and playing ‘eye spy’. I hadn’t allowed myself to start this one for months, because I know how much Outlander draws me into it’s world—and out of the real one. But I figured we were holidaying, so I could afford some immersive fiction. Big, huge, immersive fiction that took me two weeks to read. So this months list is a small one!

March book roundup:

1. Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith by Sarah Bessey
Sarah is by far one of my most favourite authors. She’s deeply spiritual, without being weird—she’s discerning and real, and a storyteller after my own heart. This glimpse into her faith journey is freeing. She’s wrestled and questioned and allowed intellect and spirituality to collide, without squeezing out Jesus, and without pretending she has all the answers. Sarah voices my own faith wrestles, and the way I’ve explored religion, Christianity and the church. It’s deep and profound, but so simple and I think the heart of it echoes the ache we all have, for Jesus and for His Church. There’s something to be said about learning from those who’ve gone before us. It gives us permission to go there too.

2. A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon
I will unapologetically, bravely and boldly stand up and say I love this series of books. I love it in the same way I loved the Twilight series, and Harry Potter before that, and The Famous Five before that. I love that they feel never-ending, that the characters evolve and grow, and so do their relationships. I loved being immersed in 1700’s North Carolina, I love the fictional retelling of the American Revolution, and I love Jamie Fraser. Unapologetic.

What are you reading?
What’s on your to-read list?
Do you ever feel like there are too many books and not enough life to read them all?!
It’s a sad thought.

Keep reading.


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