life stories | josh & leigh

I haven’t blogged much of my photography this year.
I’ve shot five weddings, some beautiful couples freshly engaged, newborns, and families.
This family.
I’ve been able to watch part of Josh and Leigh’s journey, as they’ve parented their beautiful Piper – diagnosed with 22q11.2, a syndrome that’s affected Piper’s hearing, eating and a whole host of other things that have meant a rough start to her tiny life, and a pretty brave one for her parents.

Their faith is astounding. That they would continue to face odds that don’t look like they’re in Piper’s favour, yet they never let go of their hope in God, in the possibility of healing, in believing for a miracle. There is something about a person who’s faced heartbreak head-on. Something substantial and deep and kind. Josh and Leigh are all of these.

And then there’s Piper. She’s a bright spark, signing ‘finished’ in Auslan to her parents about five minutes into our shoot. She’d smiled once, and we were done as far as she was concerned.
And Josh and Leigh bribed her to smile for more photos – as every parent of a toddler ever has.

Her facial expressions are priceless, she observes everything around her and misses nothing, and she is oblivious to how much joy she gives anyone who has the pleasure of watching her.
I was captivated by her little hands the whole time – signing, pointing, and wrapped around the necks of her favourite people in the world. These photos are some of my favourites, ever.


life stories | the wright fam

I’ve known Jaslyn for all of my grown-up life. 
She is incredibly loyal, and steadfast and so, so fun (seriously, if you haven’t heard her laugh, you are missing out!). 
One of my favourite memories of us, is early in my pregnancy with my firstborn. 
I was nauseous, and overwhelmed, planning a very shotgun wedding and felt very much alone. 
Jaz offered to come and help, and we sat in my almost-mother-in-law’s study, folding and stamping wedding invitations and she gave me a Bible verse.
There is now no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.
I’d felt like a deer in headlights, all the spotlight on me, on us, on this surprise pregnancy that shouted for all the world to hear you did something wrong!
But her quiet confidence that told me I didn’t have to feel guilty, lifted the heavy blanket of shame I’d been letting smother me.
And then she stuck around, proving her loyalty and blessing me with the sweetest of friendships.

She also introduced me to Grey’s Anatomy all those years ago, and really, what friendship could top that?!
Jaslyn drinks her tea with honey, is thoughtful, generous and has the most gorgeous little family on the planet.
And adding a baby boy to that gaggle of girls recently was very clever indeed.


(If you have a gaggle of little people you’d like me to capture, or even just one, be sure to get in touch, I would love to shoot your family too!)